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7. Coaching Courses

Coaching Courses

Please see the following links to the relevant RFU courses, qualifications and CPD that will help you on your coaching journey.
There is an almost inexhaustible supply of training guidance, ideas, lesson plans and demonstrations all over the Internet, feel free to use these, our aim as coaches is to improve all of our players.
Remember only a very small percentage of players will ever attain the elite level; our job is to ensure that ALL our players are the best that they can be and not just the top few.


This is the UKCC Level 1
About this course

Entry point for coaches of Mini/Midi Players [U7 to U12]
Provides those working with children with the knowledge, skills and attributes essential to developing children’s social, personal, physical and mental skills through the technical and tactical aspects of the game of Rugby Union
Mandatory Pre-course Tasks
1. Attend face to face World Rugby (IRB) Rugby Ready
2. Complete World Rugby (IRB) online Rugby Ready course
3. Complete ‘New Rules of Play' laws test
UKCC Level 2
About this course
• Entry point for coaches of the 15-a-side Game
• Provides coaches with the knowledge, skills and attributes to effectively coach young players or adults in the 15-a-side game.
• Develops coaching skills and the technical & tactical aspects of defence and attack together with unit skills and developing play from set piece

Mandatory Pre-course Tasks
1. Attend face to face World Rugby (IRB) Rugby Ready
2. Complete Scrum Factory Course
3. Complete IRB Laws Test
4. Must have attended Rugby Ready (or hold UKCC Level 1 Coaching Rugby Union Award) and RFU Scrum Factory course before applying for this course.

UKCC Level 3
About this course
The course consists of 3 modules, 2 of which are delivered face-face, and one as development in the coaching workplace, supported by a trained RFU mentor.
The course lasts one year and applicants should make themselves available for all modules.
The course is a mixture of practical and classroom based activities.
Assessment is competency based allowing you to be continually assessed & receive support & action planning throughout the course.

On successful completion of the Level 3 all coaches should be able to:
• Analyse participants’ current and potential performance needs and aspirations.
• Articulate clear Coaching and Playing philosophies.
• Plan a coaching programme according to agreed goals.
• Manage a safe and effective coaching environment.
• Deliver a coaching programme using a range of coaching styles and interventions to meet participants’ needs.
• Manage and develop personal coaching practice.
• Manage and develop those around them.
• Coach techniques & tactical concepts of rugby union.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the units & sub-units and their contribution to team play and the principles of rugby union.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of attack and defence.

1. The coach must be aged 18 years of age or over and hold a Level 2 or equivalent Rugby Coaching Qualification.
2. The coach must demonstrate evidence of regularly attending recent coach development courses, seminars or coaching conferences & must have significant experience of coaching within or managing a 15-a-side team or programme.
3. Attendance at Advanced CPD – minimum 2 as pre-requisite prior to application.

UKCC Level 4
About this course
The Level 4 Course in Coaching Rugby Union has been developed in line with UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) criteria.
The course is postgraduate in nature and it is intended that coaches on the course receive academic credit for achieving Level 4 in partnership with a Higher Education (HE) institution (subject to achieving the required standard of a prescribed supplementary module and paying the HE administration and management fee - amount to be confirmed).

Admission to the UKCC Level 4 Rugby Union course will normally require evidence of the following criteria:
1. UKCC endorsed Level 3 Award or equivalent
A Home Nations Rugby Union Level 3 qualification will be considered acceptable, but candidates will be expected to demonstrate attendance at, or involvement in, extensive CPD.
2. Appropriate experience of talent development, performance or elite coaching in Rugby Union

The level of player being coached defines coaching in the talent development, performance or elite environments as articulated in the RFU Coach Development Model. This is normally; Directors of Rugby closely engaged in elite player development at major rugby playing schools; Academy, or Age Group National coaches; National League Head coaches, or those coaches in the Championship or Premiership. Age Group Representative team coaching is not normally considered to be sufficient if this is the candidate’s sole experience.

Although we do not specify that the candidate must have Head Coach experience, those who do not will be asked to demonstrate their familiarity with the full range of coaching responsibilities.

In summary the following or equivalent will be expected:
• Appropriate experience following a Level 3 award, or
• Significant Performance or Elite coaching experience.

3. Evidence of a capacity for extended study at postgraduate level

Where candidates do not have an undergraduate degree or appropriate diploma, they will be required to demonstrate, (through an employment CV, previous studies, and evidence of producing documents/plans), that they are likely to be able to cope with the demands of the programme. Candidates may be asked to demonstrate this capacity by pre-programme study and/or production of papers/assignments.

4. Demonstration of currency, involvement in the sport, and commitment to the game
• Applicants will be expected to evidence a programme of CPD since their Level 3 coaching award.
• Applicants should be ‘practicing coaches’ throughout the period of the programme. (This cannot be guaranteed in advance, but applicants will be made aware that the absence of an appropriate coaching attachment may result in a suspension from the programme.)
• Candidates need to provide 2 written references from senior coaching figures within rugby.
• Applicants need to provide a personal statement about their commitment to the game and availability for the Level 4 course and its assessment requirements.
• Coaches should be prepared to agree that selected parts of their work may be published by the RFU, thus recognizing it as original and valid research developing other coaches