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The Woes of the 3rd Team

The Woes of the 3rd Team

By Robert Clegg
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Poor availabilities across the club meant probably the Baa Baa's last game went in the bin

In the week following the 1st teams confirmation of league champions it was quite surprising the low turn out across the senior club. This lack of numbers was further compounded by the Colts tour but this is no excuse as we have managed in previous weeks in this situation. More surprising was that the Lions could have secured 3rd spot along with all the rewards that brings.

Sadly, as is the way with the lowest placed team, they take the hit. 14 Barbarians players were available and we would have travelled with this number if league rules allowed. However with injuries/etc amongst the elite and aspiring players so high the Lions game took precedent and the guys, despite reservations that this wasn't what they'd signed up for, were thrown in against Midhurst sitting in 2nd place.

It's often pondered why players leave large clubs with all their facilities and support to move to smaller teams. Many of the guys who represent the Barbarians have done their time at the higher levels and don't want to be put in this position when they make themselves available. However we are one club and despite the difference in shirts, whilst the 1st team took their deserved plaudits for a great league winning season, these Barbarians fronted up again. Only the biggest of optimists would have predicted a shock result and despite battling all the way succumbed to a anticipated heavy loss. Undeterred and true to recent spirit, I can see from the availabilities for the last match they're not going to let this take the gloss off the recent fantastic run. Top effort chaps.

Mike Drew
Adie Parsons
Kim Platfoot
Kev Whitlock
Jim Richards
Michael Fisher
Bryn Griffiths
Chris Mallows
Ben Carbone
Sam Lunn
Dan Stephens
Gordon Sharp
Tim Wills


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Sat 28, Mar 2015




Sussex 'Orangeboom' League Two West